On Trying To “Fix” Ourselves

I still struggle with self-love. I have a garden in my heart teeming with green seedlings, the result of hundreds of hours of steady watering, weeding, and the occasional emergency overhaul. My self-love is growing. But it’s still frail and small. Sometimes I still wonder if I’ve learned anything at all. But I trust theContinue reading “On Trying To “Fix” Ourselves”

Is it Possible to Exercise Too Hard When You’re Depressed?

The short answer? Yes. Depression affects every single body and mind differently. While there are well-written articles on the Internet that focus on the physical and emotional benefits of exercise, I’m here to tell you that the intensity of the exercise also matters. We might have a tendency to think that more is better whenContinue reading “Is it Possible to Exercise Too Hard When You’re Depressed?”