How to Manage Depression and Anxiety When You’re Stuck at Home

If you’re like me, you may be noticing that your depression and anxiety symptoms are flaring up right now. It’s a scary time for many people. We are facing uncertainties about our jobs, our health, and the health of our loved ones. Many of us are finding that we can’t access our usual support systemsContinue reading “How to Manage Depression and Anxiety When You’re Stuck at Home”

Self Care Tip #2: Cleaning Meditation

Mindfulness meditation can be done anywhere, during any activity. It helps us to decelerate the worried, anxious, or miserable thoughts in our heads. It also takes practice, and I admit, sometimes the (absolute) last thing I want to do is be mindful. Especially if I’m in a situation I want to get out of…like crowds.Continue reading “Self Care Tip #2: Cleaning Meditation”

Is it Possible to Exercise Too Hard When You’re Depressed?

The short answer? Yes. Depression affects every single body and mind differently. While there are well-written articles on the Internet that focus on the physical and emotional benefits of exercise, I’m here to tell you that the intensity of the exercise also matters. We might have a tendency to think that more is better whenContinue reading “Is it Possible to Exercise Too Hard When You’re Depressed?”

The Chocolate Bar Approach to Self-Care

What’s this? You ask.  You’re actually going to tell us to eat more junk food?  Nope. Not even close. Let me explain. For the North Americans in the room, remember those tiny chocolate bars that people give out during Halloween? They’re like their larger counterparts, only…tinier. Fun-sized. When we’re struggling with low energy, poor concentration,Continue reading “The Chocolate Bar Approach to Self-Care”